Celebrate Love With A Romantic Vacation

A Romantic Vacation at a Beach – Any vacation can be great, but nothing beats a romantic vacation at a quiet, peaceful beach. The sand, the sun and the sound of crashing waves take away all the stress and anxiety of daily life. Relaxation and getting away from it all are always great for romance, which is why a beach getaway is typically at the top of many couples’ list of ideal romantic vacation ideas. But where can you go to find the perfect romantic spot for your dream vacation? Here are a few beach destinations you might consider:

Rose Petals State Park in New Jersey: This charming park features beautiful gardens, walking paths, elegant dining and historic structures. Take a walk along the Appalachian Trail, or take a carriage ride through the grove of trees that make up this New Jersey Park. Pack up a picnic lunch and pop the big question with your special someone, or simply enjoy the day together as you observe the flowers and birds around you. You can even take a romantic stroll through the Botanical Gardens, view the skyline of New York City or wonder at all of the undiscovered wonders of nature in the Rockaway Barrens. After a day at the park, pack up some sunscreen, bring along your favorite picnic food and get ready for the most romantic walk in the city ever.

Train Trips to NYC and Boston: Many couples who travel in the country don’t think of train trips as romantic getaways, but they can be! With thousands of stations and cities scattered throughout the US, there is bound to be one near you that offers an array of activities and nightlife options for lovers. If you’re looking for a more casual vacation, consider a trip on the train. While on the train, you can stop off and explore the many sites around the train station, then head back to the main deck and continue your journey viewing everything from uptown Manhattan to Brooklyn and the subway system. For those who prefer a more formal vacation, there are also many train trips that offer luxury coach class, which offers the most personal and relaxing experience.

Island Getaways: Many couples are turned off by the thought of traveling to an island, especially if it’s something they’ve never been to before. One of the great things about taking a trip to an island is that you can explore it completely on your own. Get on a boat, snorkel or scuba dive and discover the beauty of Long Island Sound or Nassau County, New York. There are so many beaches and natural attractions to explore on an island getaway that you won’t be able to see them all in a single vacation.

Sparkling Champagne: While on a trip to New York, you have probably heard of this legendary saying, “A girl’s got to have a sparkling drink”. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to romantic getaways. No trip would be complete without a glass of champagne and/or sparkling wine. You can toast to romance with champagne aboard a private yacht, cruise to one of California’s beautiful islands or even hit the slopes at a ski resort. You can even take a short trip to Las Vegas or Santa Barbara to celebrate your win with tickets to one of their amazing attractions. The possibilities are endless when it comes to champagne!

Permenter Hotel: For the most romantic experience possible, a stay at a Permenter Hotel in New York or on a Permenter Cruise would be the perfect combination. This luxurious hotel is nestled on the Hudson River and it is frequented by celebrities and the rich and famous. While you’re there, you can explore the shops and galleries along the river, dine on some of the best food in the city and enjoy a show. It doesn’t get much more romantic than that. Add a candlelit breakfast on the porch for a truly romantic evening.

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