Eating in Spain

Eating in Spain is not different from the way we do it here in the United States. For example, we eat our daily lunch and dinner at our homes, but eat out most of the time in most other countries. It is not unusual to have a mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack in Spain, and the typical snack for mealtimes in Spain is similar food to what I have here in the U.S.

In the typical Spanish restaurant, you will find a mid-afternoon snack such as tapas. Tapas is Spanish for “tap”, and it is a filling dish of red meats, vegetables, cheese, potatoes, and other delicious ingredients. Typical tapas in Spain also includes beans and rice. You will find various styles of tapas, and if you want a particular type of tapa, be sure to ask your waiter, because he will know which brand of tapa you want. Typically, you can have as many varieties of tapas that you want in Spain, although it is typical to have just a few depending on what time of day you dine.

Typical tapas fare in Spain includes the aforementioned red meat, potatoes and cheese, but sometimes you will also find rice and beans. Another popular dish in Spain is fish, and you can usually find many types of fish served during lunch and dinner in restaurants. Vegetables are also common, and you can get vegetables such as Spanish onions, peas, corn, and beans in Spain. You will also find dishes with fish and seafood as a side, such as fried squid, shrimp, or oysters.

When it comes to Spanish mealtimes, you will find that meals are often small and quick. Meals are finished quickly so you can be having more when you get home. Meals in Spain are typically sized by weight rather than by how much you eat. You will eat a lot at mealtimes, which means that you can eat more if you wish. There are also no special rules about how long your meal should be.

During the day in Spain, you will find that a typical lunch and dinner menus include a light soup or salad followed by a main dish. With Spain, of course, beef is the most common protein. Your dinner may consist of vegetable soup or a main course like fish. Soup in Spain is usually served at lunch and is then followed by another light meal that may include rice, fish, or vegetable. With some Spanish restaurants, you can also have a late night meal which is normally a roast chicken or fish meal.

If you are eating out of doors, and eating at a local restaurant, be prepared for incredible food that is prepared by locals. Being able to interact with the locals will help to make your experience memorable. Of course, being able to drink the local wine will add to your experience as well. Restaurants that specialize in fine dining are particularly popular, and you should check with your local tourism agency for which restaurants are located where you will be staying to get the best options. Eating in Spain is fun and the prices are reasonable.

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